Vicoustic Poly Wood Fuser, Nordik Finish
Vicoustic Poly Wood Fuser Deflector / Diffuser, Light Brown FinishVicoustic Poly Wood Fuser, Solid Wood Poly Cylinder with Black FinishThe Poly Wood Fuser by Vicoustic, White Painted FinishPoly Wood Fuser by Vicoustic in Cherry Finish (Poly Cylindrical Diffuser)

Vicoustic Poly Wood Fuser (6)


Vicoustic's Poly Wood Fuser is a high performance deflector panel, aka poly cylinder diffuser, based on an optimal curve. Set includes 6 diffusers.

The fiberboard elliptical membrane of the Poly Wood Fuser provides effective scattering from 300 Hz to 12 kHz. Inside, a damped acoustic foam cavity provides absorption at lower mid-range frequencies.

Poly Wood Fusers are a fantasic, economical way to produce diffusion in larger rooms. In domestic sized rooms, however, diffusers such as the Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR and Multifuser Wood tend to sound better.

Why? Because when a sound wave bounces off the Poly Wood Fuser surface, it will be scattered in space, but not time. In other words, poly cylinders are deflectors of sound, but we don't consider them true acoustic diffusers. If you need to return diffuse sound directly to the listener from the first reflection points, we recommend reflection phase grating diffusers (like QRD diffusers, the RPG Skyline or the Multifuser Wood 64) instead of poly cylinders.

The Vicoustic Poly Wood Fuser ships as a set of 6 poly cylinder panels. Available in cherry, nordik, light brown, black or white finish.

Ships in 3-5 business days. Ships from the USA. Prices are in US dollars.

For a complete room solution, click here for your custom Vicoustic room treatment plan.

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23 ½” x 23 ½” x 5 ⅛”


Wood (MDF) with acoustic foam-damped cavity

Fire Rating

Euroclass E


Six (6) poly diffuser panels




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