Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64 diffuser
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Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64


The Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64 is a beautiful 2D sound diffuser made from solid wood. You may find its striking shape familiar. The Multifuser resembles the iconic RPG Skyline diffuser, but with angular edges, wood construction and a true high-end look and feel.

Like traditional two-dimensional QRD diffusers, the Vicoustic Multifuser is based on a quadratic residue sequence… but that’s where the similarities end. The Multifuser dispenses with the fins used in QRD diffusers in favor of a more elegant, modern design. The finless design provides excellent mid-frequency diffusion from 400-4000+ Hz, while the varying angular surfaces provide scattering at higher frequencies.

Use a set of Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64 diffusers to break up reflections that cause comb filtering and flutter echo, or simply to enhance the sense of spaciousness in your room.

Available in black, white or light brown (natural wood) finishes.

Ships in 3-5 business days. Ships from the USA. Prices are in US dollars.

For a complete room solution, click here for your custom Vicoustic room treatment plan.

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Product Description

We dig the Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64. It’s our favorite of Vicoustic’s premium wood diffusers.

At 5 ⅞ inch deep, the Multifuser Wood 64 is a dramatic looking diffuser that does not simply provide acoustic diffusion. Used as a functional centerpiece to your recording studio, performance space, listening room or home theater, the Multifuser makes a bold design statement. It says “this room is made for music”.

Musicians, recording engineers, hi-fi heads and interior designers love this diffuser because it’s intuitive how it works. Form follows function. The Vicoustic Multifuser looks like it’s designed to diffuse sound, giving it a sense of purpose and place in a music room. A nice bonus is that even to the uniformed it looks interesting, giving a modern yet natural vibe to your room.

While the Vicoustic Multifuser Wood 64 was inspired by the RPG Skyline diffuser, it’s designed differently. The Skyline is a 2D primitive root diffuser (PRD), while the Vicoustic Multifuser is based on a QRD sequence.

Another difference is that the RPG Skyline is made from expanded polystyrene. Wood is a greener material than polystyrene, and the Multifuser’s wood construction makes it durable and beautiful, with a sophisticated look.

The Vicoustic Multifuser is a two-dimensional diffuser. This means it scatters sound both horizontally and vertically to treat problematic reflections and give your room a more neutral acoustic response. Unlike absorption, which removes sound energy from your room and reduces the reverberation time, diffusion disperses acoustical energy. This way liveliness is preserved and your room can actually be made to sound larger than it is.

2D diffusion is often used on the ceiling, on the front wall between speakers, and on the rear wall to improve listening transparency in cases where back wall absorption would render the room too dead.

If you want a lower profile diffuser, the Multifuser Wood 36 is another option. However, the Wood 64 provides provides better diffusion below 500 Hz.

The Multifuser Wood 64 is made in Portugal, where Vicoustic makes all their acoustic treatments. For efficient transport each diffuser ships as two interlocking pieces packed together, face-to-face.

If you’re looking to treat your whole room, click here for your personalized Vicoustic room treatment plan. We can assess your room and design a custom-fit acoustic treatment kit just for you.

Additional Information


23 ½” x 23 ½” x 5 ⅞”


Solid wood

Fire Rating

Euroclass E


One (1) diffuser




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