Primacoustic Radiator Birch Grid Diffuser

Primacoustic Radiator Birch Grid Diffuser


Primacoustic Radiator grid diffusers provide a simple, effective way to redirect sound energy in your space. Sound waves hit the separators in the grid and are scattered back in multiple directions, creating a more diffuse sound field in your room.

Radiator panels can be mounted in multiple ways. You can create a cloud at the reflection points on your ceiling by grouping multiple Radiator panels together in a suspended ceiling grid.

Alternatively, you can mount them on a wall on top of other acoustic panels or bass traps to create a hybrid absorptive-diffusive surface.

The Radiator is finished in natural birch and assembled using attractive dove-tail construction.

A nice alternative to the Primacoustic Radiator is the Auralex Bamboo WaveLense. Acoustically the two products have similar performance, but each provides a different natural wood aesthetic.

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Additional Information


24″ x 24″ x 3″


Laminated natural birch wood with dovetail joinery


One (1) panel




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