Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR Diffuser with Cherry Finish
Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR, Light Brown FinishVicoustic Poly Fuser QR Diffuser, Nordik FinishVicoustic Poly Fuser QR, Solid Wood with White FinishThe Poly Fuser QR by Vicoustic, Black Painted Finish

Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR


Vicoustic's Poly Fuser QR is a one of a kind 2D diffuser. The design combines a quadratic residue sequence with a curved surface to provide a two-dimensional diffusion pattern.

In one dimension, Vicoustic uses an optimal curve to create an elliptical deflector that effectively scatters sound. In the other, a quadratic residue sequence is used to create effective diffusion from 400 Hz to 5 kHz. The Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR is different from traditional QRD diffusers in that it does not use “fins”. This gives it a distinctive, elegant look.

Diffusion can be used as an alternative to absorption to solve acoustical problems such as comb filtering and slap echo. The main benefit of diffusion over absorption is that it adds a sense of spaciousness to your music, letting you treat your reflection points without over-deadening your room. Vicoustic's Poly Fuser QR is designed for studio tracking rooms, Hi-Fi listening rooms, home theaters, music venues, performance and rehearsal spaces, or any space that would benefit from diffusion.

The Poly Fuser QR is available in cherry, nordik, light brown, black or white finish.

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Product Description

When the Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR is placed in a vertical position, the quadratic residue sequence will dictate the diffusion on the horizontal axis, while the curve will scatter sound along the vertical axis. Made entirely out of wood, the Poly Fuser QR diffuser is quite dense. This makes it better at diffusing low frequencies than diffusers made from lighter materials.


  • 1st Axis design: Diffuser based on an N11 quadratic residue sequence (diffuses sound in space and time)
  • 2nd Axis design: Poly cylinderical deflector (scatters sound in space)
  • Durable construction. Made entirely of wood with 5 elegant finishes available.
  • Mounting via mechanical suspension system and adhesive.


    Vicoustic Poly Fuser QR diffusers are at home in recording studios, auditoriums, performance halls, music rooms, or any medium to large sized room where acoustic treatment is required.

    The Poly Fuser QR can be used to help make a room sound more spacious, or to bring liveliness back into a heavily treated room. Using a combination of absorption and diffusion lets you control reflections to increase listening transparency, without making your room sound dead. Unlike absorption, which removes sound energy from your room and reduces the reverberation time, diffusion disperses acoustical energy. This way liveliness is preserved and your room can actually be made to sound larger.

    If you’re looking to treat your whole room, click here for your personalized Vicoustic room treatment plan. We can assess your room and design a custom-fit acoustic treatment kit just for you.

    Additional Information


    23 ½” x 23 ½” x 5 ⅛”


    Solid wood

    Fire Rating

    Euroclass E


    One (1) diffuser




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