The RPG Diffractal: a nested QRD diffuser. Two sizes: 4’x2’ or 2’x2’.

RPG Diffractal (Fractal QRD Diffuser)

The Diffractal® by RPG Diffusor Systems offers the broadest spectrum of sound diffusion available today. A nested 1D quadratic residue diffuser (QRD), the Diffractal achieves full spectrum sound diffusion by combining the self-symmetry property of fractals with the uniform scattering of QRD diffusers.

Fractal formations are an elegant way to extend the bandwidth of QRD diffusers. Essentially, the RPG Diffractal contains a set of small QRD diffusers (for high-frequency diffusion) nested inside a large QRD diffuser (for mid-frequency diffusion).

For even better performance, you can mount a set of Diffractal diffusers at different depths (based on fractal self-similarity). This mounting method, called a “fractal modulation”, will expand the diffusion bandwidth further into the low frequency range, while simultaneously improving the mid-frequency performance (by eliminating negative effects caused by periodicity). The result is a 3rd order nested fractal diffuser, for the ultimate in broadband diffusion.

Available in a wide variety of configurations and finishes. Request a quote to learn more. The RPG Diffractal is custom manufactured to order and usually ships in 6-8 weeks. Shipped directly from RPG.

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Additional Information

Dimensions (4'x2')

47 ¼” x 23 ⅝” x 9 ⅛” (50 lbs)

Dimensions (2'x2')

23 ⅝” x 23 ⅝” x 9 ⅛” (26 lbs)

Materials / Finish

Cherry (Lacquered), Red Oak (Lacquered), White Birch (Lacquered), Particle Board (Painted) or Particle Board (Unfinished)


One (1) diffuser


RPG Diffusor Systems


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