Primacoustic London 16 Broadway Panel Acoustic Treatment Kit
Example Live-End, Dead-End room set up using the Primacoustic London 16 ‘studio in a box’Primacoustic London 16 Room Kit, top view. Recommend tweak: add more bass traps.The London 16 room kit comes in 3 colors: beige, black or grey

Primacoustic London 16 Room Kit

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The Primacoustic London 16 room kit provides a set of high quality broadband acoustic panels to help you lay the foundation of your room treatment on a budget. This ‘studio in a box’ is great for primary reflection and reverberation control in rooms with a floor area of about 150 square feet. For larger spaces the London 16 can be supplemented with additional acoustic treatments.

For low frequency control and overall clarity, we recommend enhancing the Primacoustic London 16 room kit with additional bass traps such as the corner-mounted MaxTrap, wall-mounted FullTrap or the RPG Modex Corner tuned trap.

Inside the kit you'll find six 24″ x 48″ Broadway Panels for use as corner bass traps, twelve 12″ x 48″ Control Columns for first reflection control and twenty four 12″ x 12″ Scatter Blocks which you can use to help shape the ambience in your room (arrange them in a pattern to provide a balance of reflection / absorption).

You can use Primacoustic's Broadway London 16 kit to set up a reflection free zone around the listening position, or use it as shown in the images to set up a listening space based on the classic ‘Live-End, Dead-End’ (LEDE) control rooms. If your listening position is 10 feet or more from the back wall, consider adding diffusion as shown in the RPG AcousticTool Level 3 Room Correction Kit.

The London 16 kit provides most of the mid/high frequency absorption you need to set up your small studio or listening room for critical listening.

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Product Description

  • Designed for rooms with an area of about 150 sq ft (max 200 sq ft).
  • Comes with 42 panels.
  • All acoustic panels have a Class A fire rating.
  • Primacoustic Broadway panels in the London 16 kit have been tested at Riverbank Acoustical Lab.

    Acoustic Treatments in the Primacoustic London 16 room kit

  • 6 square-edged, 2″ thick 24″ x 48″ Primacoustic Broadband Absorber Panels (use them as corner bass traps).
  • 12 beveled-edged, 2″ thick 12″ x 48″ Control Columns (use them for primary reflection control).
  • 24 square-edged, 1” thick 12″ x 12″ Scatter Blocks.
  • Mounting hardware: 48 surface impalers, 16 corner impalers, plus all necessary drywall anchors and screws.

    Example London 16 Applications

    Here are two examples of how to use the Primacoustic London 16 ‘studio in a box’ room kit.

    EXAMPLE 1: LEDE Mixing / Listening Room using the Primacoustic London 16

    One application for the Broadway London 16 room kit is to create a mixing / listening space based on a Live End, Dead End control room. The images above shown an example project studio set up this way but you can also apply the concept to a listening room or home theater. 

    Here, the front end of the room is surfaced with broadband absorption with the goal of creating a reflection free zone (RFZ) around the listener. This allows for accurate listening.  Less absorption is used in the back end of the room to preserve some liveliness. If you add diffusers there, the live end can also create an enhanced sense of spaciousness in the room.

    If your listening position is 10 feet or more from the back wall, consider adding diffusion as shown in the RPG Room Correction Kit. However, if your listening position is less than 10 feet from your back wall, we recommend you absorb back wall reflections instead of diffusing them.

    EXAMPLE 2: Treating a Vocal Room using the Primacoustic London 16

    Here’s how to apply the acoustic treatments in the London 16 to treat a 10’ x 12’ vocal room or small voiceover studio.

    General Strategy: In this case we want to apply heavy absorption to avoid ambience in your vocal room, but provide a few reflections so the room does not sound anechoic.

    Walls: Add as much absorption to your walls as possible, particularly the back wall (the wall you face away from while recording). You can use the Primacoustic Control Columns for this, but in the perfect world, if you had a professional studio, you would cover that entire wall with thick absorption down to the lower limits of the vocal range (about 90 Hz).

  • Mount the large Broadband Panels in the Primacoustic London 16 kit so that they straddle the edges of your walls. This way they will act as bass traps as well as broadband absorbers.
  • You can mount the Scatter Blocks in the London 16 kit so they form a checkerboard pattern on your front wall, giving you a wall that’s partly absorptive, partly reflective. If you use a cardioid (directional) microphone for recording, the front wall (the direction you face while recording) can be partially reflective. This will ensure that the room does not feel overly dead, so that you can feel comfortable while working without headphones.
    Ceiling: To prevent flutter echo and absorb first reflections from the ceiling, add broadband absorption (such as Scatter Blocks, Control Columns or Broadband Panels) to your ceiling above the recording position. 1” thick is a minimum, 2” thick is better. As a rough guideline, broadband absorbers 1” thick tend to be effective in the range of 1000 – 4500+ Hz, while 2” absorbers tend to be effective in the range of 500-4500+ Hz.

    Extra Bass Trapping: Mount additional bass traps (or Broadway Broadband Panels) straddling the top and bottom corners of your room. The more bass trapping, the better.

  • The most critical bass trapping locations are at the corners of your room where three surfaces intersect. If you don’t have extra bass traps you should reserve the thickest panels (e.g., the Broadband Panels) as bass traps for these locations.
  • Ideally you will have wall-to-ceiling bass traps on the edges of the room.
    If you run out of space for bass trapping, use any extra Broadway Panels as absorption on the back wall (first priority), side walls, ceiling and front wall. You can also double up the thickness of your panels at the wall corners to increase the bass trapping effectiveness.


    Recommended Enhancements to the Primacoustic London 16

    To address the low frequency acoustics in your room we recommend enhancing the London 16 room kit with additional bass traps such as the Primacoustic MaxTrap (corner-mounted), FullTrap (wall-mounted) or the RPG Modex Corner.

    A ceiling cloud will also help improve listening clarity by absorbing first reflections from the ceiling and eliminating flutter echo between the floor and ceiling.

    For a complete room treatment solution, supplement the Primacoustic London 16 with extra bass traps, a ceiling cloud and diffusers (depending on the size of your room). Or, if you’re looking for the ultimate studio in a box room treatment kit, consider the RPG AcousticTool Level 3 Room Correction Package.

    Additional Information


    6 lb/cu ft (pcf) compressed fiberglass panels with resin-hardened edges, wrapped in micromesh acoustically transparent fabric

    Fire Rating

    Class A




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