Primacoustic Scatter Blocks
Example Live-End, Dead-End room set up using the Primacoustic London 16 ‘studio in a box’Primacoustic London 16 Room Kit, top view. Recommend tweak: add more bass traps.

Primacoustic Broadway Scatter Blocks – 2″ Thick (Set of 24)


Primacoustic's Scatter Blocks are designed to help you control primary reflections and reverberation time without eliminating the natural ambience in your room.

In a typical application, Scatter Blocks would be quazi-randomly spaced on your wall to create a combination of absorption and scattering. For an example of how they can be used in live-end, dead-end room designs, see the London 16 room kit.

Scatter blocks also provide a cost effective way to reduce the reverberation time in larger spaces such as music rooms, dance studios, fitness centers and classrooms.

Like all 2-inch thick panels in the Primacoustic Broadway series, 2-inch thick Scatter Blocks provide excellent absorption from 350 – 4500+ Hz (absorption coefficients are available on the Primacoustic website).

Broadway Scatter Blocks come in your choice of beige, grey or black.

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12″ x 12″ x 2″


6 lb/cu ft (pcf) compressed fiberglass panels with resin-hardened edges, wrapped in acoustically transparent micromesh

Fire Rating

Class A


24 Scatter Blocks (2″ Thick)




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