Primacoustic London 12 Broadway Panel Room Kit
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Primacoustic London 12 Room Kit


The Primacoustic London 12 Broadway Panel room kit is a cost effective way to get started treating your small room acoustics. The London 12 room kit provides absorptive acoustic panels to treat your first reflection points, address flutter / slap echo, and reduce the mid to high frequency decay times in your room.

On its own, Primacoustic’s London 12 kit does not provide sufficient bass trapping to tame resonant room modes and reduce the low frequency modal decay times in your room. To solve this problem we recommend supplementing the London 12 with bass traps mounted in the corners of the room. Options include the Primacoustic MaxTrap, FullTrap or RPG Modex Corner.

One way to use the Broadway London 12 room kit is based on the ‘Live-End, Dead-End’ (LEDE) control room concept: You would treat the front portion of the room to be highly absorptive for reflection control, while the back end would be diffusive so the room has a controlled, natural ambience. However, if you're sitting less than 10 feet from your back wall, we recommend you use extra absorption on your back wall instead of diffusion.

The kit contains two 24″ x 48″ Broadway Panels to straddle the corners of your room as bass traps, eight 12″ x 48″ Control Columns and twelve 12″ x 12″ Scatter Blocks. The Primacoustic London 12 combines these treatments in an affordable package, giving you tight control of the mid/high frequencies in your room. For more complete control (or for rooms 150 square feet and over), consider the London 16 room kit.

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Product Description

The Primacoustic London 12 kit is designed for reflection and reverberation control in small rooms and home studios up to 150 square feet.

Basic Reflection Control using the London 12 Kit

You can use the London 12 kit to increase listening clarity by placing absorption at the first reflection points in your room. Early reflections are the first reflections we hear within about 100 ms of hearing the direct sound of the source. These give important cues about our location in a room relative to the walls, floor and ceiling. However, in small rooms these reflections tend to interfere with the sound coming from your speakers, causing a comb filtering effect that reduces clarity. In small rooms you can make your speakers sound more accurate by absorbing these early reflections.

Example Application in a Live-End, Dead-End Room

Live-End, Dead-End (LEDE) control rooms are intended to allow critical listening without creating an acoustically dead environment. The front of the control room, or ‘dead-end’, relies on high absorption to prevent early reflections from interfering with the direct sound from the monitors (loudspeakers). The back end of the control room, or ‘live-end’, is covered with broadband diffusers to scatter reflections back toward the listening position with a dense, non-uniform texture.

You can use the Primacoustic London 12 kit as shown in the example drawings to create a basic Live-End, Dead-End concept in your listening room, mixing room, home studio or home theatre. If you’re sitting less than 10 feet from your back wall, we recommend you use extra absorption there instead of diffusers. If you’re in a larger room and you have the space for diffusers, you will be better off using the London 16 room kit augmented with diffusers and bass traps.

Primacoustic London 12 room kit features:

  • 22 acoustic panels.
  • Designed for rooms with an area close to 100 square feet (maximum 150 sq ft).
  • Panels are Class A fire rated, making them approved for use in public spaces where safety is paramount.
  • Acoustical performance tested in Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories.

    The Primacoustic London 12 room kit provides the following acoustic treatments:

  • 2 square-edged, 2″ thick 24″ x 48″ Primacoustic Broadway Broadband Panels (mount them straddling the corners of your room as broadband bass traps).
  • 8 beveled-edged, 2″ thick 12″ x 48″ Control Columns.
  • 12 square-edged, 1” thick 12″ x 12″ Scatter Blocks.
  • Hardware for easy mounting: 28 surface impalers, 8 corner impalers, and all screws and drywall anchors needed to mount the panels on your walls.

    Recommended Additional Acoustic Treatments

    To achieve balanced acoustics in your room you will also need absorption that targets the low frequency room modes. Augment the London 12 kit with bass traps such as the MaxTrap, FullTrap or Modex Corner.

    An absorptive ceiling cloud will also help with early reflection control to increase listening transparency.

    For more complete acoustic control in your project studio (or to treat larger rooms), see the London 16 room kit.

    Additional Information


    6 lb/cu ft (pcf) compressed fiberglass panels with resin-hardened edges, wrapped in acoustically transparent micromesh

    Fire Rating

    Class A




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