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  • arkanemist

    great stuff… keep it up

  • roslan aziz

    Tqvm Tim…

  • SteveAnliot

    What software did you use in the video at the top of the page?

    • Tim Perry

      @SteveAnliot Hi Steve,I coded the simulation in the MATLAB programming language, and used a toolbox called k-Wave (http://www.k-wave.org/) to simulate the acoustic wave equations.Thanks for reading :)

  • Rak File

    This site is full of great information, thanks a lot for sharing

    • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

      Rak, thanks for the encouragement. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you appreciate the site. :-)

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Dear Sir, After view your design, i really happy with design, i would like to to do DIY. please provide the measurement for Fractal Diffuser B2-Frac.

    • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

      Hi Gunalan,

      I just emailed them to you. But I consider the A1 fractal diffuser (the Leanfractal) to be a better design because you can mount the panels using the same profiled modulations as A1-LF (the Leanfuser). Mounted this way A1-Frac performs better than B2-Frac, and it’s also easier to build.

      • Gunalan Dilliappen

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for reply, my room size Width is 9 fit and Length 17 fit. Which diffuser is suitable? To make diffuser are we used screw or glu?Thanks

        • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

          Hi Gunalan,

          Both A1-LF and A1-Frac are suitable, but A1-Frac has better high frequency diffusion performance.

          Most people use glue to build them as it looks nicer than screws.

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Hi Tim, Are we use glu or skew. pls advise

  • Sedat

    Hey Tim, thank you very much for all the great informations and advices, just wondering how my ATC scm 150 size will adapt to these diffusers format, same problem with the traps and bass traps tutorials.

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