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  • arkanemist

    great stuff… keep it up

  • roslan aziz

    Tqvm Tim…

  • SteveAnliot

    What software did you use in the video at the top of the page?

    • Tim Perry

      @SteveAnliot Hi Steve,I coded the simulation in the MATLAB programming language, and used a toolbox called k-Wave (http://www.k-wave.org/) to simulate the acoustic wave equations.Thanks for reading :)

  • Rak File

    This site is full of great information, thanks a lot for sharing

    • Rak, thanks for the encouragement. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you appreciate the site. :-)

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Dear Sir, After view your design, i really happy with design, i would like to to do DIY. please provide the measurement for Fractal Diffuser B2-Frac.

    • Hi Gunalan,

      I just emailed them to you. But I consider the A1 fractal diffuser (the Leanfractal) to be a better design because you can mount the panels using the same profiled modulations as A1-LF (the Leanfuser). Mounted this way A1-Frac performs better than B2-Frac, and it’s also easier to build.

      • Gunalan Dilliappen

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for reply, my room size Width is 9 fit and Length 17 fit. Which diffuser is suitable? To make diffuser are we used screw or glu?Thanks

        • Hi Gunalan,

          Both A1-LF and A1-Frac are suitable, but A1-Frac has better high frequency diffusion performance.

          Most people use glue to build them as it looks nicer than screws.

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Hi Tim, Are we use glu or skew. pls advise

  • Sedat

    Hey Tim, thank you very much for all the great informations and advices, just wondering how my ATC scm 150 size will adapt to these diffusers format, same problem with the traps and bass traps tutorials.

    • Hi Sedat,

      These diffusers will work with any speakers provided that:
      1) The speakers are set up properly (see my tutorial here http://arqen.com/acoustics-101/room-setup-speaker-placement/).
      2) You’re sitting sufficiently far from the walls where your diffusers are mounted. There is some flexibility here, but when considering the distance to your rear wall, 10 feet (3 meters) or greater is best to create a nice initial signal delay gap. I explain this in the reflection free zone tutorial here: http://arqen.com/acoustics-101/reflection-free-zone#itdg (still a work in progress).

      When it comes to bass traps and speakers, the more bass energy you put into a room, the more bass absorption you need, so speakers should be sized for the room to help minimize the money you have to spend on bass traps.

      Also, pay close attention to speaker boundary interference when placing your speakers. I explain how to minimize speaker boundary interference here: http://arqen.com/acoustics-101/speaker-placement-boundary-interference/.

  • Yan

    Hi Tim, it struck me that the designs don’t use the reflection from the wall behind. I would imagine something like a xylophone. The spacing between bars and distance from wall would be critical at the specular point, but I guess it would work. The device would be lighter both in weight and in visual impact. Would it work?

    Also, I’m adding the less possible treatment to our living room. Due to compromises with my wife, the speakers are now setup both sides of a bay window. There are no direct reflections to the listening area, but these are close calls. I have added absorbers in the middle of the back wall, audibly reducing comb flitering. Temporary absorbers in the bay window help also, but it drives my wife mad and the sound gets an anechoic character. I wonder if I could build a “sculpture”, maybe 2×2, that would be a little fence made of vertical branches all close together? Guess it would need to be quite rigid and wavy at the base to take care of lo-mid frequencies?

  • Prachee Priyadarshinee

    Dear Tim,
    Thank you for the information shared in your thesis. May I request the codes for Appendices A, B and C?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Prachee,
      Glad you like it. Unfortunately, there have been attempts by individuals and companies to commercialize my work in their own name, so I won’t be sharing the code. It would be unwise given what I’ve observed in the business world.
      Thanks for your understanding.

  • Nikita Merzlyakov

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks a lot for your great job! Thesis is very informative! It inspired me to try some optimizations of my own for my control room build. Sadly code from appendices was removed. But it is fully understandable in our World…
    I have some thoughts and questions:
    In case of diffuser optimization for specific room it seems intuitively that it is better to optimize diffuser response at listener position with the source at monitor position (in addition or may be even instead of overall diffusion optimization). It is not obvious though what should be considered a good response at listener position. I suspect it should be checked for artifacts (especially in case of breaking 3λ rule, which is really interesting). And may be it is a good idea to optimize for less scattering to listener position with source in monitor position to loose early reflections. What do you think?
    Thanks again and best regards!


    Hi Tim , nice to met you , so i build some difuser from your shared , i can send you my finish work in next days ? thanks

  • Fakir Charles

    Hej, Anybody have a copy of the blueprints to share?