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  • arkanemist

    great stuff… keep it up

  • roslan aziz

    Tqvm Tim…

  • SteveAnliot

    What software did you use in the video at the top of the page?

    • Tim Perry

      @SteveAnliot Hi Steve,I coded the simulation in the MATLAB programming language, and used a toolbox called k-Wave (http://www.k-wave.org/) to simulate the acoustic wave equations.Thanks for reading :)

  • Rak File

    This site is full of great information, thanks a lot for sharing

    • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

      Rak, thanks for the encouragement. You’re very welcome and I’m glad you appreciate the site. :-)

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Dear Sir, After view your design, i really happy with design, i would like to to do DIY. please provide the measurement for Fractal Diffuser B2-Frac.

    • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

      Hi Gunalan,

      I just emailed them to you. But I consider the A1 fractal diffuser (the Leanfractal) to be a better design because you can mount the panels using the same profiled modulations as A1-LF (the Leanfuser). Mounted this way A1-Frac performs better than B2-Frac, and it’s also easier to build.

      • Gunalan Dilliappen

        Hi Tim,

        Thanks for reply, my room size Width is 9 fit and Length 17 fit. Which diffuser is suitable? To make diffuser are we used screw or glu?Thanks

        • http://Arqen.com/ Tim Perry

          Hi Gunalan,

          Both A1-LF and A1-Frac are suitable, but A1-Frac has better high frequency diffusion performance.

          Most people use glue to build them as it looks nicer than screws.

  • Gunalan Dilliappen

    Hi Tim, Are we use glu or skew. pls advise

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