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  • daslicht

    How to treat Early Reflections of the Desk? please?

    • AR Acústica

      positioning loudspeakers well

      • daslicht

        Define well, please :) I have them placed behind the Desk on stands.
        Any idea? Thats the current progress here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75681914/Studio%202015/14.07.2015.mdat

        • AR Acústica

          Well: In a way that the reflection of the desk has too little energy so it doesn’t create a comb filter.

          I opened the “link” file and I saw a reflection with a delay of 46 samples, equivalent to a 36 cm longer than direct path and it can be the reason of the dips in n*480 Hz

          • daslicht

            Yeah i noticed that reflection at 1ms with -10dB as well.
            I tried to put some absorbtion material on the desk which reduced it to -15dB.
            Seams to be not that effective ;/

            I also tried to put something beneith the desk at its back to get an angeled desk, but that just incresed the volume of that reflection.

            Besides that I tried different positions of the Speakers, no success yet.
            Do you have any other idea? Please ?

          • AR Acústica

            -15 dB is not bad news, even -10 is not too bad BUT if you use bandpass filters you’ll see it grows a lot in some bands.

            Allpass ETC is a nice way to start looking but octave filters can help a lot (1ms is too short so you can’t analyze low to mid frequencies). You should solve as well that pair of lonely reflections.

            Most of the times I find your problem I put monitors higher, here’s an example:
            Sorry, it’s in Spanish but you can check the measurements antes=before and después=later, reflexión de la mesa means desk reflection and trasera is backwall

          • daslicht

            Thank you very much!
            Yesterday i tried to put several materials on teh desk and finilly desided to put my speakers as clse as possible to the wall. I also moved my heaking position closer to the wall, the result:

  • id

    Are you serious? All I see is acoustic acoustic acoustic… WTH is acoustic?

    • I’m dead serious. To me, “acoustic” is the meaning of life.

      To Google, it means relating to sound or hearing. Acoustic is one of those words you’re bound to run into a lot on a website about acoustics. Just like you’re bound to run into the word guitar on a website about guitars. 😉

  • Yong Hwee Lim

    Tim, do you think there are any different between acoustic treatment between a mixing room with a audiophile music listening room?

    • Yong, good question. There doesn’t have to be a difference, as both rooms are designed for balanced, transparent listening.

      Typical goals of both rooms are to avoid strong early reflections, tighten up the low end, and create some kind of diffuse return.

      However, with mixing rooms critical listening is essential, so clarity and neutrality is often given higher priority, while an audiophile listening room may place greater emphasis on envelopment and and tolerate higher decay times to provide liveliness.

      Common differences:
      – More common to see sidewall diffusion in hi-fi rooms. Mixing/control rooms, especially small ones, are more likely to use pure broadband absorption at the sidewall and ceiling first reflection points to create a well defined reflection free zone and initial signal delay (ISD) gap: http://arqen.com/acoustics-101/reflection-free-zone/#itdg
      – More common to see heavier duty bass absorption in mixing and control rooms.
      – More common to see lower decay (“reverberation”) times in control rooms.

      I’m going to mention a few specific room types you can look up if you’re curious…

      A control room designed using the Refection Free Zone (RFZ or LEDE) criteria, with lots of diffusion, would also make a very pleasant audiophile listening room. Other control room concepts that would work are Controlled Image Design (CID), Early Sound Scattering (ESS) and Ambechoic. Any of these concepts could be applied to create a blissful sounding hi-fi room.

      However, modelling a hi-fi room after a Non-Environment (NE) control room doesn’t make sense. For pleasure listening it would be excessively dry and clerical, and to achieve a balanced sound in such a dry room is very expensive and requires sacrificing much of the room’s volume for bass absorption.

      There are different schools of thought for control / mixing rooms, and some are more relevant than others for audiophile rooms:
      -A design that tries to force the room to become completely neutral by absorbing everything (like an NE room) is the wrong approach for the sane audiophile.
      -A design that works with the room to achieve a balanced sound (like an RFZ room) is the easiest and most affordable path to high fidelity bliss.

  • Thanks for sharing you blog. I am sure we can treat room for high fidelity listening and mixing from your blog. Yes we can use different acoustic treatments for reduce or remove the unnecessary noise coming to our ears.

  • AzulShiva

    What do you personally think of Dipole Subwoofers? Have you ever tried one? Never had one myself, but going to.. sounds like you can take it a little easier on the basstraps with these…

  • Lloyd Sundal

    When was this article published :) thanks in advance.

  • kamal

    hi,i jus wanted to know whether i should flush the sorrround speaker on the wall or on the acoustic panel in my home theatre.

  • Louis Chan

    Tim, is there a need to place a carpet in front of the first reflection points (n front of the seating position)?

  • Juan Octavio Lee

    What about treatment for a vocal booth?
    I’m trying to treat a small corner at my apartment for voice over recording.
    Thanks in advance.

  • bonnyfused

    Hi Tim. Great article!
    What if I don’t have a “regular” room (rectangular) as a studio, but more of a complicated situation (like with tilted roof and similar)?
    Would you kindly share your suggestions for placement, if I’d post the pics of my studio room/space?

  • brandon stroud

    what would need to be done in a all in one room (recording/mixing/mastering) in one room and recording live drums,bass,and guitars