IK Multimedia ARC System 2 Advanced Room Correction System


ARC System 2 (Advanced Room Correction) is the sequel to the first and only acoustic correction system that combines a measurement microphone, measurement software AND a correction plug-in to improve the listening accuracy in your mixing room or project studio. It's an elegant, low-cost, portable solution for scenarios (such as home studios) where you may not be able to apply all the recommended acoustic treatments.

ARC uses Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 patented technology to improve your monitoring system by intelligently correcting for poor room acoustics. Near field monitor systems used in studio applications are designed to deliver sound without distortion or coloration. However when they are placed in a room, the sound you hear from the speakers is heavily influenced by the acoustics of that room. This ultimately causes your speakers to lose the accuracy they were been designed for.

Some electronic correction systems use forms of equalization that work only on the frequency response of the sound you hear, while simultaneously making the phase response worse. ARC System 2 solves this problem with a unique DAW-based solution that works in both the frequency and time domain.

ARC 2 can improve the listening experience in any room. An untreated room will experience a dramatic improvement – but treated rooms will also sound better, depending on the quality of the existing treatment.

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Product Description

With ARC you can electronically correct for your room’s acoustics in 2 easy steps. First you measure your room response in specified placed using the included calibrated measurement microphone and software. ARC 2 allows you to take from 7 to 16 different measurements, depending upon the room size and your desired level of correction.

These measurements give the ARC 2 plug-in software the information it needs to accurately apply the correction. Once measurements are taken, ARC 2 automatically calculates a correction algorithm that you can apply to your music with the included plug-in, placing it on your DAW master BUS. Using ARC 2 you can mix with greater confidence, knowing that your music will translate better to the outside world.

ARC 2 includes a calibrated, omnidirectional measurement microphone that provides a transparent, colorless, highly-linear characteristic.


  • The first DAW-based acoustic room correction plug-in
  • Includes a measurement microphone, software and correction plug-in
  • Based on Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 patented technology that corrects frequency and phase distortions in multiple room points
  • Improves clarity, stereo imaging and frequency response for faster, more reliable mixing
  • Improves the sound of any room – from bedroom studio to control rooms
  • Step by step measurement set-up can be performed by anyone
  • Perfect for the traveling engineer and on-the-spot corrections

New in Version 2:

  • 64-bit native plug-in compatibility
  • Support for AAX plug-in format
  • Improvement to L/R correction option offers better focus in symmetrical control rooms
  • Completely redesigned interface for improved usability
  • Four times greater resolution improves critical low-end response
  • Smoother, more natural sound in the midrange and high frequencies
  • New customizable target curves allows to match engineers’ personal taste
  • New “Virtual Monitoring” feature mimics the sound of various listening devices like popular studio monitors, car systems, boom boxes, etc., letting you test how mixes translate on different systems
  • New Monitor Control panel interface streamlines workflow
  • Fewer measurements now get higher quality results and shortens set-up time
  • Measurements can be saved and used for multiple correction set-ups


System Requirements:

  • Mac® (64 bit CPU, 32 or 64 bit Mac OS):
    –  Minimal: 1.5 GHz Intel® processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
    –  Supported Plug-in formats: Audio Units, VST, RTAS, AAX (32-bit).
    –  Requires Core Audio.
    –  Requires 48kHz operation (only for measurements).
    –  Note: PPC CPU is no longer supported.
  • Windows® (32 and 64 bit):
    –  Minimal: Intel® Pentium 4® 2.4 GHz or Intel® Core™ Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64, 1 GB of RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
    –  Supported Plug-in formats: VST, RTAS, AAX (32-bit).
    –  Requires ASIO Audio Hardware.
    –  Requires 48kHz operation (only for measurements).


  • Type: 1/4″ small diaphragm condenser measurement microphone
  • Polar pattern: omnidirectional, free field
  • Capsule frequency response: 20-16,000 Hz
  • Calibrated frequency response when used with ARC: 16-20,000 Hz, +/- 1.5 dB
  • Output: transformerless, electronically balanced, 200 ohms output impedance
  • Sensitivity: 50 mV/Pa
  • Noise Equivalent Level: 22 dB
  • Max SPL: 130 dB for 3% THD
  • Requires 48V Phantom Power

What’s Included

  • Easy to use, step-by-step, room measurement software for Mac/PC
  • VST, RTAS, AAX and Audio Units correction plug-in for Mac/PC most popular DAWs (such as Pro Tools®, Cubase™, Logic™, Sonar™, Live™, etc.)
  • Measurement microphone
  • Native compatibility with 64-bit applications and operating systems


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